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Alec Bronski – „Falling“



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16.09.2014 Digital Worldwide / ORDIS

His latest single “Falling” finds Alec Bronski swiveling  away from minimalistic dance music and house and toward indie-pop. Once again, Alec Bronski has teamed up with long-time collaborator and partner in vocal studies & uprock narratives, singer Barca Baxant.

Rooted in 80s synth-pop and mid 90s electronica, “Falling” is a catchy indie pop song, drawing from house, punk and mainstream pop. This is probably not your average happy-go-lucky track, but the story of falling in love results in a driven, powerful pop masterpiece.

Having already worked together on various projects like The Kung Fu Divas (“Tekk Me”) as well as several live gigs, Alec Bronski’s sound has become more organic, and has evolved alongside Barca Baxant’s powerful vocal performance.

Barca is no stranger to bigger-than-life pop arrangements – having lent her voice to Christian Eigner, drummer of Depeche Mode, to his whole solo album, her catchy vocals are also given the full spotlight on “Falling”.

„Falling“ is no piece of mainstream-pop candy – it’s honest, hard working indie-pop that sits on the right side of Alec Bronski’s fence and hold it’s own against the great role models of pop and indie-rock-electronica-something.

We gave it some thought and decided there will be no remixes this time. Everything is getting remixed, re-edited, revamped and mashed up nowadays anyway. So this is it!

We hope you enjoy this Goldton release as much as we do!

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