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Alec Bronski – „My Beat Wants To Kill Your Yaya“



Art.-Nr.: GRCD020 Kategorie: Schlüsselworte: , , , ,


08.12.2014 Digital Worldwide / ORDIS


This is house music. Who needs a press release for this.

listen. dance. Dig it – or else.

Ok, ok.

So we recorded this in an expensive studio with lots of vintage gear.

We also could have done the same music with a lot less hassle (ever heard of detuning Moogs and broken chips?) on any decent mac or pc. But anybody could do that, so we mixed it on a pretty cool vintage mixing desk with lots of great outboard gear. We also had professional dancers with funny hats and a japanese karaoke-machine.

Maybe you’ll recognize one track : „Keep this love alive“, well, funny story cut short:

We jammed to a new instrumental, then someone dropped his pants and started singing.

No big deal since we already knew the vocals. But we didn’t want to let you out on this.

On this EP, you’ll find nothing but hits. Needless to say, these new tracks redefine the whole genre of house music. And to round things up, we’ve give it a nice red cover with a majestic deer.

We originally opted for an elk, but it looked a bit dumb, so we went for this version.

Merry Christmas!

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