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The Kung Fu Divas – Who is the KFD?


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25.11.2011 Digital Worldwide / ORDIS

Full Video "Who is the KFD"

Full Video „Who is the KFD“







the kung fu divas are back! and they deliver yet another dashing dancefloor-wrecking, wall-bouncing, all-cunning track – and this is time it’s a bit more electronic.

„Who Is The KFD“ provides for the new theme of the band, and for all we know, maybe even a quite new direction – influenced by old heroes like LFO und KLF, the cloak-and-dagger-duo awoke some sounds that had slept in their machines for some time – and, „igor, pull the switch“, bang, it lives!
„Who Is The KFD“ is a minimalistic anthem for the advanced electro/techno-friendly dancefloor, complete with floorcrushing bass and no-sense-lyrics.

And for the first time in Kung Fu Divas history, „Who Is The KFD“ is accompanied by a videoclip – or should we call it short film?
It all started when fellow surf-cracks Hubert Mühlbacher and Philipp Schwarz came across the idea of mounting small videocameras on their surfboards while riding, duckdiving and whatnot on the shores of spain, portugal and croatia – mastercutter Boris Steiner later put his wizardry to work and – voilá!
a refreshing, highly energetic, speedy clip that perfectly fused with the music has been created.

Oh, yeah. And now, please: K! F! D! dig it!

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